• Soup Shrimp Bisque
  • Barbracoa De Lamb

La Suerte Louisville

About us

Mr. Adrian Jimenez worked for 16 years and in the last 6 or 7 as a kitchen manager. Where he got very good comments from people who told him that he is very good at his job. Knowing that the restaurant where he worked was going to close, he took the opportunity to keep the place, so he contacted her friend Viviana and her husband Oscar Ortiz, who is currently a partner, who were interested in opening a restaurant. LaSuerte Restaurant's proposal to customers has always been to show something different, the freshness and the diversity of food things that are in Mexico offered in an elegant way, a good steak, a good fish, a good wine. Mexican food is elegant and very rich in flavors like French or Italian food, it has a lot to do with Spanish food. There is no better chef in the world than a woman and everything is done inspired by mothers and grandmothers whom I used to watch cook since I was little. In Mexico there are also many types of food, lots of seafood, the best meats and the best stews.